Same Day Tarot Reading - One Card - One Question - Written Reading with Card Photo

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This listing is for a ONE question, ONE card tarot card reading to get messages and inspiration from the tarot.

Your reading will include a photo of the card I have drawn for you plus a written reading of the intuitive information I channel for you.

Your reading could take up to 24 hours (weekdays) but usually much less, to allow for me to channel the messages meant for you. Please add your question to the Personalization Box or you can type in "General messages" for a general reading. If it will take longer I will send you a message via Etsy messages.

*~*Please note the following:
I do not answer questions related to health, legal issues, pregnancy/fertility, timing, or questions that invade the privacy of another person. Your questions need to be about you and can be about how you related to another person but cannot be only about another person. An example would be third-party “gossip”or spying questions (ie: Is my ex happy in their new relationship?) I will issue a refund for inappropriate questions.

*~*Other readings I offer:
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Please message me if you don't see a listing for any of these readings and I will set up the one you are looking for ASAP - I am getting them all set up!

**~**Legal Disclaimers:
All readings and reports are for entertainment purposes only and do not substitute medical, legal, or other professional advice. The future is constantly changing. Intuitive readings are subject to interpretation and should not be taken as absolute.